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The female being has two unique essences; a Lady Essence and a Woman Essence. This dynamic duo provide her with the ability to navigate through life empowered, confident, and whole. They complement each other, perfectly. In tandem, the Lady Essence and the Woman Essence  allow you to be both gentle and strong encompassing every element of class and grace with the ability to navigate through life strategically, purposefully, and powerfully.

Furthermore,  in this book, Timogi has provided any facilitator who works with women and girls the blueprint for a quick power talk, single workshop, or series of workshops. 

This is an Emotional Intelligence MUST!Anger happens so quickly that there is little time to analyze what’s going on and think about what to do in response. Because it happens so quickly it is assumed that the anger comes out of nowhere. In this book, “I’m Not Angry! 21 Emotional Words to Use While Adulting,” Timogi informs the reader that nothing can be further from the truth. In this book, Timogi reveals to the reader how anger can be described as what shows up, but it’s not the whole picture. I'm Not Angry! 21 Emotional Words To Use While Adulting is a balanced approach to the subject of anger and offers guidelines that can help the reader with new ways of thinking about and responding to their feelings. 

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Hey Sis,

These notes are for any woman who is or has been in a bad relationship with a lover, a friend, or herself. You will find a little advice, a lot of validation, and hopefully some inspiration on these little pages.

With love,


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You have an inner pulse that will not leave you alone until you honor its presence. That pulse is your Purpose.  It conceived you and it is waiting for you to reconnect. Activation Required; Reconnecting to Your Purpose is a practical tool for you to do just that. With every chapter you will have practical insights that can be immediately implemented to clearly allow your purpose to become its full self.

In this book you will learn to how to remove the layers of life that have over time buried and smothered your purpose breath. Readers receive vivid and tangible action steps to make the journey to reconnecting and activating their purpose practical, insightful, and achievable. 

Your Dream Needs a Team takes you through every aspect as to why you need a team to make your dream and your vision become a reality. Timogi takes you into the heart of a dreamer and then shows you how that dream becomes a reality. I believe that her definition of TEAM (The Entity (of) Aligned Members) will become the staple of how to connect the right people with the right components of your dream. 

This book dives into the depths of correlating your TEAM and your dream. Timogi has uncovered the secret of how the right TEAM allows you to serve more. If you alone could make your dream a reality, then everyone would do it! As you continue on your journey, build the TEAM that will make your dream a reality. Timogi shows you how.           ~Dr. Saundra Wall Williams 

Life is movement! Many situations in life  will require you to move. Moving time comes  as a result of both the joys and pains of life. Relationships begin and end, finances decrease and increase, accidents occur, jobs come and go, people change, and sometimes without notice moving is required.  Over time one can accumulate a lot of stuff.  Not just tangible stuff but mental and emotional stuff too. Everyone has to move and this book is designed to help you Pack Light! 

In her incomparable and vivid style Timogi teaches the reader the difference between life's luggage (which is strategic and purposeful) versus life's baggage (which is unfiltered and aimless). In knowing the difference you  are sure to remain focused on your purpose and only carry the lessons and tools acquired on your journey. 

Pack your luggage but leave your baggage behind!

It is one thing to speak of any force; freedom, courage, faith, etc. however it is only talk until you act. Empowerment is no different. Empowered people are not door stops.

Empowered people are the movers and the shakers. They have activated their desire and belief by adding the action to create desired growth and change in their lives.

This Do-The-Work Book is a tool not a magic wand. The purpose of this book is for you to understand a truly empowered person operates.